Achievements are things that you can earn on Ovipets. You can earn them as you play for hatching eggs, trading with other players, researching, splicing etc. There are three different difficulty levels; bronze, silver and gold. What difficulty your achievement is you can see by the background color of the achievement image.

Users who have been playing for a while might already have earned a bunch of achievements. Most of these will appear to have been completed during the last two weeks, this due to the fact that we had to go through all activity on each users account in order to gather the statistics necessary to see which achievements you had completed in the past.

List of Achievements Edit

Auctions Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
High Bidder High Bidder Bronze Win at least 10 auctions
Auction ach Auctioneer Silver Win at least 50 auctions and host at least 10
Auction ach2 Auction House Gold Win at least 100 auctions and host at least 50

Charitable Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
Lataus Charitable Bronze Splice or research 10 charity mutations
Animal Friend Animal Friend Silver Splice or research 50 charity mutations
Animal Superhero Animal Superhero Gold Splice or research 100 charity mutations

DNA Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
Tyd Curious Cat Bronze Perfom 10 DNA profiles
Reed Analytic Silver Perfom 100 DNA profiles
Control Freak Control Freak Gold Perfom 1 000 DNA profiles

Generating Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
78 Cell Farmer Bronze Generate 10 pets
Fb Life Shaped Silver Generate 100 pets
Creator Creator Gold Generate 1 000 pets

Hatching Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
It Spring Chicken Bronze Hatch 100 eggs
Pooo Mother Hen Silver Hatch 1 000 eggs
Ghg Incubator Gold Hatch 10 000 eggs

Researcher Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
Tiutu Scholar Bronze Researched 10 times (mutations and species)
Gjdj Lab Rat Silver Researched 100 times (mutations and species)
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist Gold Researched 1 000 times (mutations and species)

Resurrections Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
Yeeht Miracle Worker Bronze Resurrecting 10 pets
Fgvg Dr. Frankenstein Silver Resurrecting 100 pets
Rgf Phoenix Rising Gold Resurrecting 1 000 pets

Splicing Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
Tiutiu Splicer Bronze Splice 10 eggs
Vbbbbbbbbbbbbb Biotech Silver Splice 100 eggs (10 of which need to be gender)
Kjjjjj Genetic Engineer Gold Splice 1 000 eggs (50 gender and 50 limited mutations)

Trading Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
8rt786 Trader Bronze Trading with 100 users
Storkeeper Silver Trading with 1,000 users
Go Master Merchant Gold Trading with 10,000 users

Others Edit

Picture Name Type How to earn
Df Seriously Addicted Gold 40 login bonuses
Hjgjghj Cloner Gold Clone 10 pets
Translator Translator Gold Translate 100 stings of Ovipets to your own language
Download, Snow Leopard Supporter Gold Splice or research at least 30 Snow Leopard Charity mutations
Bye Bye Plastic Bags Gold Splice at least 30 Bye Bye Plastic Bags charity mutations.