Breeding is the most essential part of the game.

How to breed Edit

To breed two pets, they have to be:

  • The same species
  • One male and one female
    • A female that hasn't been bred for a while
  • Unrelated for three generations

After breeding Edit

You get an egg after breeding, which needs to be turned 4 times until it can hatch. An egg can be turned by going to yours or someone else's hatchery, clicking on an egg, and clicking the button with the green arrows. The time between one turning and the next depends on the species. When it reaches 100% you can hatch the egg. This must be done manually - it will not happen automatically - and is done the same way as turning an egg. The pet will then stay in your hatchery until you give it a name.

The offspring will inherit colors and mutations from the parents. The colors can be seen on the egg, the mutations will show at the hatched pet or if you do an DNA profile. A species must be researched to Level Five in order to do a DNA profile.

You also can splice eggs to get a new mutation to the offspring.

Warning: Pets can starve in your hatchery and eggs that are not hatched for ten days will spoil.

Hint: If you let someone else turn your eggs, they may find a credit for reward. People who habitually do this are called egg ninjas.

How do I see if two pets are related? Edit

  1. They can't breed with one another.
  2. View the pedigree chart of both pets. If any of the visible ancestors is the same in both pets they are related.