Colors are inherited from parents to offspring.

They are not inherited like mutations with a yes/no-decision but mixed.

If, for example one parent is white and the other black the offspring will most likely have a gray tone.

There are two ways the colors are shown.

  1. In HTML-style (looks like this: FA3B7D)
  2. If you move over the colored spot, there are the red green and blue, values shown (looks like this: 221 - 36 - 15)

Some colors are seen as more beautiful than others and harder to breed. This are usually worth more. The most valued ones are called pures.

The colors are inherited as follows: for each color (red, blue, green) the parents are the borders of what is possible.The child's colors will be inbetween the two.

Example: parents have 212 - 36 - 100 and 188 - 45 - 88

then the children will have a red-value between 188 and 212, green between 36 and 45 and blue between 88 and 100, which will make a muddy red or red-violet in this example.