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Example of a dead pet.

Death occurs when an animal is not fed for a certain amount of time. The pet will display a red border if it is starving, and if it is not fed within ~5 days, it will die.

However, pets can be revived for 1 credit after they die, and one more credit per month they have been dead. When pet has been dead for 6 months, the pet cannot be revived, since the pet has been phased out of the game.

Purposeful starving and discarding. Edit

Sometimes, people adopt pets that are muddy/unattractive/etc and let them die or discard them for the purpose of phasing these unwanted pets out of the adoption system. They usually refer to themselves as "AC cleaners" and will sometimes send pets that they deem prettier and more desirable to the adoption center. 

Another reason people might purposefully starve or discard their pets is when they are a part of a project, which is when a user starts out with generated pets and add one mutation per generation to make a unique, one of a kind pet. To keep their project one of a kind, they might discard or starve "failed" pets, pets that weren't the right gender, didn't have the right mutation, didn't have the proper colours, etc. 

There are many other reasons a user might want to let a pet go without sending it to the adoption center or a nother user.  

You can not, and will not, get in trouble with the site for doing this. Ovipets support will not reprimand or even scold, let alone ban someone for, purposely letting a pet die.

Trivia Edit

  • Pets that died will be faded out, distiguishing them from live pets.
  • Unnamed pets can also starve to death. They cannot be revived, as there is no way to access them.
  • Eggs can die, making it automatically discard. Eggs will also display a border before dying.
  • There is a feature that prevents pets from dying by feeding them. Vacation Mode are mostly for vacations.
  • Pets that die cannot be fed or breed.
  • Some species survive longer, others die quick, like an Ovus.
  • Starving is the only way that a pet can die.