Group is a feature on Ovipets that users can join. To create a group, you need to be a paid user and it costs few credits. After its creation, group's creator can change its settings and add forum to the group. Groups can't be renamed.

There are many groups on the Ovipets, some of them are centered in hobbies, breeding pets and nationality. It's easy to search for groups by using Search on Ovipets.

Tabs Edit

Image Description
Main Page This is the first thing you see when you view the group. This tab displays the image, description, and presentation, as well as the group feed.
Members This tab is viewable regardless of whether you have joined or not, It shows all of the current members and admins.
Forums - Members only Some groups may not have the forums tab for it is optional. When you click on the tab you will see all of the different forums for that group, if you click on one you will see all of the topics posted. Any of the members can post a topic, just add and title, what you want it to say and an icon, once it's posted members can reply to it, but note you can not edit the topic once it is posted.
Edit - Admins only This tab is only viewable if you are a group admin, this is where all of the editing of the group is done except for controlling topics. It you want to control the topics go under the forums tab and find the topic, once you do that click the "mod tools" button and either pin, lock or delete it.