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The Ovus was the first species on Ovipets, created to test the various features and mechanics of the site before opening to the public. 

It has only one known mutation: Spikes. However, many believe there were other mutations possible for the Ovus after a user found evidence. Upon looking at the html coding they found a link to the spike mutation here:
Spikey Hair Ovus

The link lists the spike mutation as number three, leaving many to believe there were other mutations.  

The last remaining female of the species, half of a breeding pair, is almost certainly deceased, leaving only one specimen left (which belongs to the user ZarqX), a lonely male named Ovi, shown below, with the Spikes mutation. He is still alive.  

Male Ovus

Ovi, the last remaining Ovus.

Ovus cannot be generated any more because they were just testing pets. Ovi got locked and sterilized and now many people are arguing and complaining about this new feature because a female might be found. This species is very likely to go extinct.

IDZTECH, the game developer company, said that there were once other Ovus but they were killed and the only known living Ovus is Ovi.  

The Sterilization Argument Edit

A huge argument was stated in the new update about locking and sterilization, possibly because Ovi was sterilized. Now if a living Female Ovus is found, They will never be able to breed whatsoever, unfortunately, since the sterilization feature can not be reversed. 

Trivia Edit

Female Ovus
  • After Ovipet's launch, they have been slaughtered almost to death.
  • Ovi, the last remaining Ovus, was generated. It has over 7000 likes, possibly making it the most liked pet on Ovipets.
  • After the slaughtering of Ovus pets, some players thought they can simply generate another Ovus. However, Ovus are testing pets, so they cannot be generated and will most likely not be available to generate again.
  • It was thought that there were more mutations for the Ovus, like wings. However, Spikes is the only known mutation.
  • Ovus have an appearance similar to an owl, penguin or parrot.
  • An image of a magenta/purple female Ovus with 3 beaks, wings, spikes and IDZTECH written on her tummy was found. It is unknown if this was a real existing Ovus or just an edited drawing. The image appears to be very pixelated and nobody knows the truth about it.