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Hatched and resurrected from the past came the Raptor, a mysterious creature from a forgotten time. The personality of this rare creature is not defined, due to the unavailable knowledge of how this new world will affect it. Thread lightly and find out for yourself!

The Raptor is one of the 30 species currently available on Ovipets.

Availability Edit

Raptors mutations chart by naonical-dbdz4nc-0
In order to generate a Raptor, you must first research the species. Researching the species requires owning a Raptor of your own. They can either be borrowed or purchased from a friend or adopting at the Adoption Center.

Gene Research Edit

Currently, the Raptor has five levels of gene research available, including the first level which you start out with. Each level unlocks new genes which you can research. Level 5 unlocks these options:

  1. Gender splice
  2. DNA profiling
  3. Cloning

The only mutations unlocked at Level 5 are the seasonal ones, which are those for winter, Halloween and Easter.

Winter mutations:

  • Icy Wings
  • Icy Back
  • Icy Tail
  • Fawn Ears
  • Fawn Back

Halloween mutations:

  • Skull

Easter mutations:

  • Bunny Ears
  • Bunny Tail
Raptors mutations chart by naonical-dbdz4nc