every 20 days

Egg Turning

every 8 hours

Breeding Cooldown

8 hours



The cold-blooded but warmhearted Serpentes will be slithering into your heart and enclosures quicker then it catches it's prey. These sharp-fanged pets are tons of fun to be around and gorgeous to look at - but be careful, you can never fully trust a Serpentes.

Serpentes are one of the 27 species currently available on Ovipets.


Serpentes' egg.

Availability Edit

This species costs Θ10 Credits to generate after it has been researched. Researching Serpentes will take you 24 hours to complete and will cost you Θ15 Credits. You can rarely find it at the Adoption Center.

Gene research Edit

Currently, the Serpentes has five levels of gene research available, including the first level which you start out with. Each level unlocks new genes which you can research. Level 5 unlocks these options:

  1. Gender splice
  2. DNA profiling
  3. Cloning

The only mutations unlocked at Level 5 are the seasonal ones, which are those for winter, Halloween and Easter.

Mutations Edit