Splicing is a feature in the game that allows you to add a mutation that you have researched, as well as pick the gender of the egg of your choice once you have researched Level Five.

To do so you need an egg and the required amount of credits. Click on the egg and click the lab button. Then select the mutation/gender you wish to give the offspring. when the egg hatches the baby will have the mutation and will be the gender you chose.

Note: you can only give the egg one mutation and a gender. Multiple mutations must be bred onto an ovipet.

Multi Splices Edit

Multi Splices were first introduced at advent calendar where paid users could get 5 multi splices. They allow you to splice two mutations for your egg, instead of just one.


  • Splicing costs between 4 to 30 Credits.
  • Some mutations can only be spliced during special occasions. These are called seasonal mutations.
  • The seasonal mutations and gender splices are available at research Lvl 5. This can only be researched by paid users.
  • You have to research the starter mutations to unlock their chain mutations