Tattoo example

Lupus with a tattoo on

Tattoos are custom skins/accent made by users to decorate their pets. Tattoos are added to pets by clicking the edit button on a pet of your choice and clicking the tattoo button, from there you upload the skin image and position it to fit the pet, repeat this with each part of the pets body depending on the tattoo. Keep in mind that tattoos only show up on the pets base and will not go over the pets mutations.

Some mutations however can be tattooed as well like solid head or solid tail. The mutations that allow a tattoo are marked with a (T) in the mutation chart of the species.


  • To get the best results it is suggested to use an editor with layers and make the pets image the background and make a new layer for the skin. Then just delete the background when you are finished.
  • The tattoo won't show up on certain parts of the pet.