It's been bugging me recently that nobody has been updating this, so I took it upon myself to update several pages and add as many icons as possible. I've added all the pics I have currently researched, but my list is hardly finished so any assistance is gladly appreciated.

Accomplished today:

Made Lotor page and added basic info and a mutations chart

Added a mutations chart to the Catus page

Added several mutation icons to the Rangifer, Lupus, Piscium, and Avi pages

Made links to the Species pages and added the Lotor and Catus pages to the Species category

Deleted a duplicate and outdated Species page

Added flavor text to most species

Things to do:

Make mutations charts for the Gruphus and Rattus pages

Figure out how to fix the navigation bars

Figure out how to edit the Species category page

Not bad for about three hours' work.