Usage Edit

Vacation Mode is used for a variety of things, as it keeps your pets fed the entirety of the time that you have it on. Many users use it upon going on a trip, hence the term Vacation. Others use it to keep their pets in stasis while continuing to have conversations with their friends. Regardless of the use, the main thing Vacation Mode does is keep your pets fed. To enter Vacation Mode, go to the Profile setting and scroll down.

Prices Edit

Vacation mode is free if it is on for seven days or longer. There is a five credit fine for every day sooner that you turn it off. The chart below shows pricing.

1 Day Early 2 DE 3 DE 4 DE 5 DE 6 DE
6 Days Used 5c
5 DU 10c
4 DU 15c
3 DU 20c
2 DU 25c
1 DU 30c

Limitations Edit

Vacation Mode is not a free way to avoid managing your pets. As it was intended for users who are on vacations, the mode assumes the user is not using their account. Some limitations include, but are not limited to:

  • Pets are restored to previous health levels when the mode is turned off
  • Users are unable to change pet presentations.
  • Users are unable to change tab presentations.
  • Users are unable to change user presentations.
  • Users are unable to like posts.
  • Users cannot send trades.
  • Users cannot accept trades.
  • Users cannot bid in the auction house.
  • Users cannot adopt pets.
  • Users cannot accept their log in bonuses.